Saturday, 3 July 2010

From Planted Seeds to Maturity

June 2010
We cannot believe how the vegetables have grown over the last month!
This is how the allotment looked at the end of May
and now, 4 weeks later!!!!!!!!!!
The weather has been perfect with plenty of sun and rain (although we could do with a little more rain now). That's put the damper on it!!!!!!! (Hope so)

The allotment is full, everything has been planted out from the greenhouse and we are now harvesting our first produce. We have already had about 3 kilo (nearly 7lb) of Strawberry's, they are fantastic.
By the way, have you seen my Whopper?

No, not the Peas, over 7 kilo (16lb) have been picked already.
Guess what, its coffee time, still amongst the Peas.
Have you seen my Whopper Yet?
No not the Courgettes
The Button Turnips are now being harvested.
We have also picked Garlic and Onions.
Whilst the above vegetables and fruit are still producing, in the next few weeks we will also be harvesting: Early Potatoes, Broad Beans, Runner Beans, Rhubarb, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Beetroot.

Well, have you seen my Whopper yet?

Later in the year we will have (hopefully) Leeks, late Potatoes, Sweetcorn, Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage. They are all growing well at the moment but the saga of the Cauliflower continues - no luck with them, just five plants out three trays of seeds. Still those five are doing well.
In the greenhouse we have plenty of Tomato plants
whilst outside on the 'patio' we have Peppers Planted in Plastic Pots
See how quickly you can say that!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you ready to see my Whopper now?

Take a deep breath.

Here it is, its a beauty!!!!!!!!!

What can I say!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. brill!! what a feast of fruit and veg - I'm envious!